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I am annoyed that JARs thrown into a Play! app's lib directory show up as warnings when you run "play dependencies", that Play! offers to delete them with the --sync option, and that there is no good way to define them in the dependencies file so it doesn't complain. The lib directory was originally created to work with things just thrown into it, so why complain when people do it? (and, even worse, offer to delete such things) The dependency options should be able to mix and match nicely, but Play! says "not so!" Thanks.

I originally just wanted to do this for the T4 WikiParser which has a Google Code project but is not in the Maven Central Repository. The steps to get into that repository look quite painful, and I'm not the project owner. It also turns out the library cannot be simply be dropped into the lib directory of a module hosted by a local module repository as they do not appear to be added to the classpath when the app is started. I found some potentially related reported tickets [1] [2] indicating this may not be a mistake on my part.

The easiest option for these libraries seems to be to make your own http-type repository. My repository is freely available for public use as long as it doesn't negatively affect other apps on this server. If it becomes a problem, I will take it down and find another solution. Please use responsibly. Feel free to contact me if there is a library you would like to see hosted here that is not already available through other channels like Maven Central. I will consider all reasonable requests.

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If you already have other custom repositories, skip the "repositories:" line. The "contains" items can be named whatever you like. See the Play! dependency documentation for details.

        type:       http
        artifact:   "[module]/[revision]/[module].[ext]"
            - -> *

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